The digital world is continuously growing, and if you are not updating yourself, then you are falling behind. The use of video content for SEO purposes is also evolving and helping the users to align their content and Social Media Advertising In UAE strategy accordingly. This is one of the preferred methods by the users to get the attention of their customers. The total number of people watching videos online is 86% which is a huge number. 83% of businesses claim that video content marketing helps them to generate a heavy ROI. So it is a great idea to incorporate video marketing strategy in your SEO campaign. Just like SEO, your video content also requires optimizing the videos and its content in different ways. In the same way, you rank your website for specific keywords; video marketing also ranks your videos for specific keywords.

Impact of video optimization

As stated, 83% of businesses generate more ROI with video marketing. So its popularity is increasing day by day. Moreover, with the evolution of smartphones, people have quick access to video making and publishing tools. Besides that, instead of reading long blog posts; people like to watch videos with good quality sounds and information. So when you optimize your video content with the right search query, Google ranks it higher in the search results.

video content marketing is helpful for SEO

How to optimize video content?

The most popular platform to make and publish the videos is YouTube. It is good to do a little research on keywords before making a video. Create a YouTube channel and post your videos. Embed your videos on your website pages and add the link of your website in the description of your YouTube videos. The thumbnail of your videos must be eye-catching. Try to make custom thumbnails that truly represent your video and its content. Create engaging titles and descriptions of your videos by adding suitable keywords. Try to write a description of your videos more than 150 words. Encourage your visitors to comment, share, and like your videos.

Video content marketing is becoming popular day by day, and it is helping businesses to achieve their goals faster. But the key here is to create quality content for the videos that are truly helpful for the visitors, and as a result, it will bring more views to your website. Don’t know how to do this? Get in touch with WORLD DIGITAL NETWORK to find out how you can succeed and get the most out of your video marketing strategy in UAE.