Facebook has more than 1 billion daily active users and its population is continuously increasing. The things we used to imagine are now possible with the latest and revolutionizing marketing platforms throughout the world. Email marketing is another thing which is a boon to the businesses and it is the best way to reach out to the customers and make them aware of your brand. If we talk about email marketing, then we have observed the latest evolving trends like machine learning, typography and personalization services which makes it a perfect marketing plan for all businesses. Facebook and email marketing both are useful and efficient, and it helps to boost the overall marketing campaign, and its combination has a proven influence to boost the business. If you want to avail social media services so Click Here:  Social Media Advertising In UAE

Why integrate Facebook with email marketing?

Facebook and email marketing are distinctive tools for online marketing. Both of these platforms encourage sales and offer numerous benefits to businesses. But both are somehow different in their approaches. Joining these two platforms can significantly boost the overall performance of your business. As a marketer, you must incorporate your Facebook business page and email marketing together and you will see an increase in your followers, likes, engagement, signups and overall it will show a huge response from your marketing campaign.

Is it necessary to integrate Email Marketing Campaign with Facebook?

How it benefits?

It will benefit you in different ways. The more followers sharing your content on Facebook pages the higher email opening rate you will get. The basic purpose of the Facebook platform is to engage the visitors and customers so it will help you to generate more email conversions. Here you also offer your subscribers to choose their preferred channel to interact with your brand, so in return, it helps you to build a more dedicated customer base.

How to do this?

There are many ways by which you can integrate your email marketing campaign with Facebook. You can add your Facebook icons on your emails that will lead the users towards your Facebook business page. Add “share” button to your Facebook business page as it is much easier than forwarding the link. You can also provide an email sign up on your Facebook page and announce different contest to get more email sign up from the users.Are you  looking for a custom digital marketing campaign for your business in UAE? World Digital Network is a digital marketing agency that will help you to customize your social media and email marketing campaigns to generate more revenue from social media platforms and your business.